Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Card Games (And Why I Quit Playing)

Hey, sup guys. I'm gonna do my first entry on card games and what turns me off the most. Now before I get into that, let me be more specific: I don't hate traditional card games like poker and such, I actually really love poker. The card games I mean are TCG like YuGiOh, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering. What bothers me isn't the games themselves; I actually find them enjoyable. I had a blast playing magic. It's the players. Everybody no matter what the game has run into metagamers; Annoying pricks who think that they're gods at a certain game and try to tell you how you should have fun and how you should experience the fucking game. Well, in TCGs, everyone is a metagamer. Every. Fucking. One. They always have some smart ass comment to make like "Oh you're using THAT card? It's not great." or "You idiot! Why would you do that? Now I'm just gonna blah blah blah blah win". The playerbase of Yu-Gi-Oh was so fucking bad I quit after the first 10 times at the card shop. I just got over people talking shit to me and each other because you're not following a formula like they are. They put their noses to the air for anyone who isn't following the current meta or playing the game how so-called pros say the game needs to be played. Basically, they want to strip you of your creativity and turn your deck into another "tier" deck. (Tier decks are the highest ranked decks as determined by the last year's TGC Tournament) What's supposed to be the point of all the thousands of cards the publishers put out is so that you find strategies to mix and match ways to win. Find a style that works for you and do it. But no, metagamers don't want that. They want you to go online, get an expensive decklist, and buy every card on it. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. A lot of them (especially the asian players, just saying) put their lives into their TCG of choice. They invest WAY too much money for something they'll only be playing for 3 years tops unless they're profiting from it. Whereas a normal person would look back on a TCG phase and say "Damn, I wasted way too much money on those fucking cards", a metagamer will have no such thoughts, because the money saved not buying cards that day goes to buying cards the next day. The prices on a lot of those cards is absolutely insane. Not to mention that the banlists (periodic lists of cards tournaments put out to force players to play a different way once in a while to avoid one deck always being on top, or just to limit or remove broken cards) that come out about tri-annually can turn a good investment last week into a shit investment this week. And you better believe metagamers will be on your ass for banned cards, even if you're new. They'll whine whine whine. That's all they EVER do. Whine about your deck, your cards, how incompetent you are. It's fucking bullshit. That's why I got out of that world. It was fun while I had the money to burn and I played with just friends, but it only kept me entertained for about half a year, and i regret every dollar spent.

Ark Signing Out